About us

Nick Informationstechnik GmbH is a source of new ideas for successful Cloud Service solutions.

A reliable and trustworthy company has to meet certain criteria in order to be accepted as such. We have been able to win and maintain the confidence of our clients through many years of experience and a lot of successful projects realised by our consultants.

We offer IT-services as well as the planning, implementing and operation of software products. This concerns Citrix terminal servers and their deployment in virtual surroundings in particular, as one of our key services is software virtualisation. We have a lot of experience working with App-V, ThinApp, Workspace Virtualisation and Citrix Streaming Profiler.

Through close collaboration with our clients and a joint definition of goals the respective project can be shaped individually right from the start in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Our longtime expertise combined with our passion for new technologies enable us to make the most adequate individual choice for and with each of our clients.