In the first instance, AppBot converts a Citrix Streaming Profiler (Citrix Application Streaming) into a MSI package using the Windows Installer XML toolkit. Afterwards this MSI is transformed automatically to a Microsoft App-V 5 package on an App-V 5 sequencer.

Sample video:

Possible field of use

  • migration projects to App-V 5
  • conversion of Windows XP applications to Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2008/2012
  • creation of MSI packages from Streaming Profiler applications
  • migration to MSI (SCCM distribution)
  • creation of a MSI for your own software

Other advantages

  • Creation of a whole set of icons from a streaming profiler application
  • Creation of several software products in MSI or App-V packages
  • ActiveSetup for personal user settings


  • intelligent analysis of the source application for the adaption to the target system
  • adaption of all shortfile entries to the target system (8.3 file names in the registration)
  • adaption of target paths. An application installed in "C:\Program Files\<APPLICATIONNAME>" might as well be installed in "c:\Program Files\<IHRFIRMENNAME>\<APPLICATIONNAME>" after the conversion.
  • optional installation of a 32 bit application as 64 bit application. On a 64 bit system the files are not saved as "c:\Program Files (x86)" but as "C:\Program Files". In this case, you should test the proper functioning of the components.

Planned functions

  • Bulk operations – automatic conversion of Citrix Streaming Profiler application folders
  • Import for App-V 4.6 packages
  • Support of Streaming Profiler 5.0 (and earlier versions)
  • Support of integrated skripts
  • Support of package updates with MSP files (Microsoft Installer Patch)



Documentation (11/29/2013)